When Fake Sibling formed in 2016 it was a small studio project that relished in venting some creativity, with a shared wealth of experience in songwriting, performance and production.

In the months that followed, that wealth brought something to life that was more than just a ‘creative vent’. Fake Sibling was established amongst a collection of songs that seamlessly came together and begged to be released to the world.


Their first single, released in Feb’ 2017; ’Bring Me Here’, went straight to the top of the unearthed charts and lingered there for the weeks that followed, with great press and radio play across Australia to boot (including the nations favourite metro community stations, 4ZZZ, FBi, RTR, RRR & PBS). The trio realised, they hadn’t even played a show yet!

They soon knuckled down and brought their unmistakable sound and collection of original music to the stage, with the addition of some of Melbourne’s finest musicians backing them up. Their second finished track ’Despondent’, was released later in that year, and with this, they hit stages across Melbourne and have been honing their craft and presence in many of Melbourne’s top live venues for the past two years. With sold out headline shows, and supports for the likes of Dan Vogl and Sydneys Julia Johnson.


Fake Sibling, is comprised of singer/songwriter Sophie Officer, producer/engineer Adam Beath and music mogul/teacher Alex Gooding. The title of Fake Sibling, comes from a place that the three feel is very important to the process that helps them create the content that they so effortlessly do — A sense of family, support, and understanding is shared between them and this helps them work as such a strong team together. Each with their strengths and each with a dedication to each other and this creative process, that clearly works so well for them.


The trio are currently working hard at bringing a collection of songs to life, with seven tracks scheduled for release throughout 2020. These tracks are but a handful of songs that the trio have been perfecting both on stage and in studio over the past 4 years.