Covid Sucks: With so many awesome plans disrupted for ourselves, and indeed everyone last year.
We are eager to get into 2021 and pick up where we left off; whilst also adhering to (and encouraging others to do the same) all the safety guidelines recommended. We don't ever wish for anyone to be back in a place of such confusion and uncertainty.
We did manage to use the technologies on hand to bring you what we could in the form of some "live(ish)" videos. This involved each of us taking time to record and perform our parts in one take to what we had available to us in our own spaces of isolation. Back at Adam's studio he was able to put them together and give us something to share. It was a different experience, playing live on stage or simply jamming in a space is such a dynamic experience and whilst group energy, vibe, and performance feedback between us all is such an important part of a show - We all really enjoyed just playing our songs again, even if it was in isolation. If you haven't seen any of the videos yet, then check them out below and be sure to let us know your favourites!